Jumping Into the Podcasting Pool

About four months ago, I mentioned I was toying with the idea of starting my own podcast. Actually I’ve been thinking about it, off and on, for years. Anybody who knows me knows that I like talking about stuff I’m into. Every time I listen to someone else’s podcast, I think to myself, “Well, if I were talking about that thing, I would say it this way” or whatever.

The big thing that has prevented me from making my own podcast is wondering if I really have anything new or interesting to say, and also a desire to have someone else to say it with. I like to have interaction, not just me talking to an empty room. All the people I know who would be interested in doing a WoW podcast are already doing one, and there are quite a lot of them. In fact, many of the current WoW podcasters have either quit podcasting about WoW specifically, or quit altogether, or have been getting super desperate for things to talk about. So who am I to start up yet another one?

And yet, since I mentioned toying with it on my blog, some guy has done that, i.e. started up a new WoW podcast, about PvP. Some other people who already had at least one other podcast have started up a new one. Clearly I was right when I said to Mick Montgomery that there was still stuff to talk about (I was the only non-podcaster on that show). In the meantime, I was on Battlechat again, and the lovely Sil told me that she thought I should definitely go for it.

I’d tried to dip my toe in the water by recording a half hour bit with my husband, and posting it here, but as far as I know not one single person listened to it, except for Sil, whom I had to ask a couple of times (not her fault, she’s busy). I assume part of this is because you had to actually click on the media player as opposed to just subscribing in your podcast app of choice, but it did frustrate me a bit. On the other hand, now I have absolutely no expectations that anybody is going to listen to the subscribable podcast either, so if anybody does, that will just be gravy. And since the only money I have actually spent specifically on this project is the $12 or whatever for the domain, I really can’t complain if nobody but me cares. That said, I’d love it if people did in fact care and listen.

As of right now, I have three episodes up, which consist entirely of my husband and I discussing a given topic – no “news” or anything like that. We intend to go on with this format to the tune of about once a week, probably adding guests from time to time (I have promised Sil she’s the first). I’d still love it if I could find a cohost, but for now, my husband, who also plays WoW, is doing the show with me, and we have a pretty good rapport (although he’d probably rather be doing something else). But we’ll see how it goes. It’s not listed on iTunes yet, since I need to redo the cover art to their specifications, but you can get it manually from Feedburner.

I hope that you’ll join me in Raiding With Lisia! Please subscribe through the podcast app of your choice, and feel free to send the show email or participate on the Facebook page. See you there!