Episode #4 – TSM and You

A special show featuring Ouro talking about how to make money with TSM. You can be doing this while you’re not killing demons! Stuff referred to in the show is below.

As I note in the show, none of the material is taken from The Gold Queen, but I want to give her a special shout-out. Find her at http://www.thegoldqueen.com/

Group Imports —

Operations —

Sample operations, including the formulas.

Other Notes —

Many thanks to Muffin, who provided the groups data that mine is based off.  Muffin researched data such that literally every BoE gear drop in the entire game is in the group data, and all I did was jig categories around a bit and add some stuff Muffin didn’t bother listing, that for some weird reason sell well on my server.  For more information on TSM, try @TSMAddon on Twitter or the forums at stormspire.net!

All the music in this podcast is by Bensound and is being used under a Creative Commons license. You can find more muisc by Bensound at www.bensound.com

Episode #3: Things We Love To Hate

So we love World of Warcraft, but face it, along with things we love, there are things we hate. Things we love to hate? Some of those things are just part of the game, and some of them are things that other people do IN the game. Join Lisia and Ouro as they discuss all the stuff that really bugs them.

I promise you this isn’t 100% Ranty McRantypants! We belong to #TeamPositive. But sometimes you just have to let it all out!