Leannaine Duskhaven (Stardart)

Mother to the Duskhaven sisters. Originally a priestess, then a Sentinel warrior for a while after the War of the Ancients, until she left for Outland to find Illidan. Her husband, one of the Moon Guard, was tapped by Illidan of his magical abilities and died in the Resistance during the War of the Ancients. Despite all the children they had, the marriage was not a happy one, and Leannaine never blamed Illidan for her husband’s death, later following him to Outland and becoming one of his Demon Hunters. She does not answer when asked why she uses the title “The Beloved”.
More background: Leannaine Stardart and Thanas Duskhaven met at a ball in Zin-Azshari. Neither of their families were wild about the romance (he was Highborne, she minor noble), but they didn’t forbid it either. Things started out well, but Thanas really wanted a son to follow him in the Moon Guard, yet all their children were girls (this is why they had five of them). None of them had any arcane talent either, to his disappointment. The marriage turned bitter and unhappy, and by the time Thanas died (at the hands of Illidan’s mage-tapping during the War), Leannaine did not even care enough to mourn much.

Lisia Duskhaven

The eldest of the five Duskhaven sisters, all of whom were born before the Sundering. Lisia was tapped to become a Sentinel like her mother Leannaine, and chose the Ranger path (rather than warrior like her mother). She remains a hunter to this day and is equally talented at range or in melee.
Lisia is something of an ambassador for the Night Elves, being less xenophobic than your typical elf. She has befriended all the other Alliance races and factions, and has attempted to build bridges with Horde races as well. She has recently become aware that she has distant cousins in Quel’Thalas and wants to meet them.

Brenainne Duskhaven

The next oldest sister. Brenainne wholeheartedly embraced druidism at the hands of Malfurion Stormrage before the War of the Ancients, defying tradition to do so. Few are aware of what she looks like as a Night Elf, because she is almost never in her Elf form. She finds this useful for not being bothered.
Brenainne and Lisia are very close, which is probably the only reason Brenainne interacts with anyone at all. She would vastly prefer to live in the Emerald Dream full time, but is active in military and diplomatic outreach to some extent because of her closeness with her very active sister.

Chroise Duskhaven

The third sister. Chroise started out studying to be a priestess, but became disillusioned with religion and everything else, and turned to outlawry and piracy. She is the “black sheep” and is somewhat embarrassing to her sisters, but they still love her, and she them. She is very devoted to The Uncrowned and is almost always on some covert mission or other.

Saillainne Duskhaven

The fourth sister, a priestess. She worships Elune but has been delving into Shadow Magic recently, even though she is aware of the dangers. She is friendly but very serious. When she uses the Shadow she becomes almost unrecognizably cold in her personality.

Siannan Duskhaven

Siannan, the fifth sister, was fascinated by the stories of the Pandaren that Lisia told as bedtime stories. When Pandaria was rediscovered, she went into training as a monk. She is probably the least serious and most merry of all the sisters, but at the same time, she can be very deadly when necessary.


Lennaine Duskhaven’s husband, Thanas Duskhaven, was actually Highborne, from a family of arcane sorcerors. When they left Night Elf society and sailed to the Eastern Kingdoms with Dath’remar Sunstrider, they changed their surname to Duskheart in bitterness.

Lorendil Duskheart

Lorendil, once a priest, is now a paladin. He initially became a Blood Knight, because he trusted Liadrin, but once the Sunwell was restored he was very happy to return to the Light once more. He has a very serious outlook on life, but can be persuaded to enjoy himself.

Ciarainn Duskheart

Lor’s cousin. This branch of the family is especially bitter, and has turned to Darkness. Ciarainn is a warlock of the Demonology school, binding demons to his uses to accomplish his ends. Despite this, he has a rather mischievous personality, and is usually the one pushing Lor to have fun.

Maedb Duskheart

Lor’s older sister. Originally a Ranger in Quel’Thalas, and a great beauty, Maedb died to the Scourge and was raised as a Death Knight by Arthas. Originally quite loyal to her new master, she broke away from his control at the Battle for Light’s Hope to join with the Ebon Blade. She has a very strained relationship with her once very close younger brother, who on the one hand loves her and on the other feels she shouldn’t exist.

Chuislainne Duskheart

Ciarainn’s older sister, who in parallel with Maedb has a strained relationship with her brother. Chuislainne was originally a warlock in Kael’thas’ army, but after she got to Outland she abandoned Kael to seek out Illidan and become a Demon Hunter. She and Ciarainn never got along, and now they are extremely antagonistic to one another. She likes to tease Lor.



Myrrhine is very old and has been around the block a few times. Since crash landing on Azeroth, she has begun studying as a shaman. She has three daughters; her husband did not survive the war with the Orcs on Draenor.


Myrrhine’s daughter, a very serene priestess. Manages the family fortune.


Myrrhine’s daughter. Originally a paladin, now a Death Knight. At first Myrrhine would not speak to this aberration, but they’ve reconciled thanks to Kyrena’s efforts. As devoted to the Ebon Blade as she used to be to the Vindicators. Has a very wry sense of humor.


Myrrhine’s daughter, and a paladin (Vindicator). Very light-hearted and devout. Swings the Light like a wrecking ball.


An old friend of Myrrhine’s. Vain, rather promiscuous, but kindly. Arcane wizard who dabbles in Water and Fire magic occasionally (but prefers the pure Arcane). Has a pronounced disrespect for anything that’s not in her interests….but has a soft spot for pretty Elf boys.


Aelandre’s little sister, and a bloodthirsty warrior. Much less girly than Aelandre, but likes to keep her armor shining.

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